Please abide by the following:

1.  Basic Club Playing Format:  We play a “table challenge protocol”.  This is where you play in at any table you wish, by asking to play the winner.  The winner of the match in progress is allowed to remain at the table (or may choose to allow the loser to stay).  If the players are just doing drills or practice, then they are allowed 10 minutes to continue before one should step down to allow the challenger to play.  This protocol ensures that: everyone gets table access, can play a variety of different people and skill levels, and promotes building friendships. (Generally matches are best 3 of 5 games to 11.) 


                To request being the next to play on a particular table, you simply place a ball in the black             box under the table.  The winner of the match gets to remain at the table and you play in.    (Don't forget to remove your ball from the box, please.)


                Generally you are not allowed to play or practice on a table and challenge another at the same time.  This is not fair to those who are sitting and waiting for a table.  An exception to this rule is made if there is an open table AND no one else desires to play on it.  Example: If you have winner on a table, are practicing on another, and no other tables are available; you may continue to play on it, if no one wishes to use it.  If you decide to cancel your challenge to a table, PLEASE remove your ball from the box.


                If there is a doubt about whether a challenge has been canceled, then the table should confirm with the challenger.


                Doubles partners will be selected according to the following priority:

                                #1.  person not currently playing  (when match ends)

                                #2.  one of the winners  (should the other winner leave the table)

                                #3.  one of the losers

                The challenger does not have to accept a partner he does not want to play with but must, in that case, give up the table request.


2.  Every player must sign a Liability Release Waiver Form.

3.  All players must sign the Register Book and pay before playing each night.

4.  Wear only Non-Marking shoes in the gym.

5.  Respect church property - Do Not Sit On Equipment Tables.

6.  Willful damage to the club’s equipment, or the facility, will not be tolerated.

7.  Offensive language, or obscene gestures, will not be tolerated.

8.  Unsolicited criticism, disruptive behavior, or poor sportsmanship, will not be tolerated.


9.  Children must be well behaved and/or be supervised.

10.  No smoking or drinking of alcoholic beverages.

11.  Please do not place your clothing on chairs, the floor, or the equipment table.  There is ample room to hang them in the foyer outside the gym door.  We have received complaints about people sitting on clothing, problems retrieving balls in the clothing clutter, and limited space on the equipment table.   Also, please place your equipment bags on the tables, not the floor.

Failure to follow the above rules could result in suspension, or termination, of the player’s privilege to play, at the discretion of the Board.



1.  Do not walk behind another game while their point is in progress to retrieve a ball.  Other tables will get it for you when they have finished their point.

2.  Do not call a “Let” for another table while their point is in progress.

3.  Do not stand behind a game in progress to “chat”.

4.  It is the server’s responsibility to call the score before serving.  Doing so avoids misunderstandings.  The server’s score is said first to avoid confusion.

5.  Do not make loud exclamations while the point is in progress.

6.  When there are people waiting for a table and you have asked for “winners” on a table, you should not take another table to practice on unless no one wishes to use it.

7.  Help in setting up and taking down equipment and cleaning up the area is greatly appreciated.

8.  Please throw away your own bottles and trash, and clean up any spills.